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Mindful Movement Arts

With Terry Kvasnik, Movement Mentor


Mindful Movement Arts is my holistic approach to assist in physical, mental and spiritual well being particularly of young people. I keep the respect and honor of all the practices and traditions I utilize while at the same time losing the formality and exclusivity sometimes associated with them. I add my own creativity to all of these practices, from a twenty-year career in the performing arts, to bring it alive and make all of this as fun and engaging as possible. I am proud to offer these arts in the form of individual training, workshops, and as an ongoing teaching curriculum for your company or school.


  1. Mindfulness: Simple meditation and breathing techniques for centering, stilling and calming the mind and body.
  2. Qi Play: Building an awareness of Qi (energy) through fun movements to practice that cultivate and support the natural healthy system of the body.
  3. Aboriginal Movement: Drawing on indigenous and ancient cultures and traditions that have rich systems of dance, movement, energetic, harmonizing and mindful practices.
  4. Primal Movement: Utilizing the natural ways our bodies move drawing from many systems – and animals – that build physical skill and prowess and improve coordination, flexibility, agility, and strength. Progressing into such arts as acrobatics, parkour, dance and various other circus disciplines.
  5. Martial Arts (Non-Combative): Development of martial skill to cultivate self discipline, self confidence, strength and flexibility of mind, body and spirit.
  6. Yoga: Unifying breath and movement through various positions to align and balance the body, mind and spirit.


I want to explain my business and the way that I work so that you understand the various ways I can benefit your school. I design and create programs to implement into your organization as a syllabus of mindful physical education. I teach much more than just physical practices, I teach mindfulness arts that are deeply beneficial to an individuals well being and learning potential. In essence, what I offer is a supplement to enhance and support all of the other classroom learning. I do this in the form of the programs I create.

In my program approach, I offer an initial workshop to form an assessment of the children, the facilities available, and the teachers/schools wishes for certain physical subjects. After a considered assessment, I design a progressive program that can be easily implemented into the current school/company structure. I tailor every program uniquely to the individual’s as well as group’s goals.

I then present my proposed program and discuss the implementation process and the agreed time period (say a 6-week program or 3-month program). These programs are built systematically to give each participant a checklist of objectives to complete. Finally, at the end of the program, some form of presentation will showcase these learned skills and mark the completion of a certain level of training. From there, we revise and either continue the progressive program to the next level of attainment or change the frequency or style of the classes.

As the teacher, I am there to implement and impart all the components of the course throughout the agreed time period. The program that I create is purchased by the school or organization and then I am hired separately to teach that course on a weekly basis (or on whatever sequential timing we agree).

In my class approach, I teach regular weekly classes and am compensated with an hourly rate. In the class approach I am not in a position to develop in the same depth that I am through the structure of the program approach I outlined above. Though the participants still get all the amazing benefits and joy of the training time while learning life-enhancing skills.

I am happy to work in either capacity, whichever suits the needs of your organization.


This will be determined largely by the needs of your organization and the scope of the training. My initial one-hour workshop assessment fee is $150. My class fee begins at $50 per hour.


My lifetime in the movement arts spans three decades. My background is diverse – gymnastics, martial arts, break dancing, circus arts, yoga, dance, Qi Gong, and pioneering work in Parkour. My professional career spans twenty years working with Cirque du Soleil, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, and many other high-caliber projects. I am a performance artist, stunt man, choreographer, show designer, and filmmaker. My passion is now focused on developing unique programs for educational systems so that, through the movement arts, children may flourish in every area of their lives.


E-mail flippinmunk@gmail.com | (805) 798-7000

“The sun shines not on us but in us.” ― John Muir