Devoted to Healing and Awakening

Harmonic Earth is an organization committed to providing sacred space environments for performance and education of the healing arts.

vessel for the sound healing arts, we offer gong meditation experiences, equinox and solstices gatherings, blessingway ceremonies and marriage officiation.

With the goal of creating sacred space environments and shared experiences of embodied wholeness, enrichment and renewal, Harmonic Earth intends to support personal and community wellness.

Meet Alarra with a heart-centered meditation:

Where Have We Been and Where are We Now?

Every Moment is an Awakening


Harmonic Earth is committed to providing immersive sound healing experiences and education of the healing arts. For many years Harmonic Earth has anchored into exquisite spaces in Colorado and California, including an eight year tenure at the elegant Healing In America Energy School in Ojai, California.

Before the pandemic, transformational classes, workshops, retreats, and dances graced the space.  When our doors closed, the outdoors opened to our work and our immersive sound healing offerings were enjoyed by our community under the open sky. We are grateful we got through it with the support of the beautiful earth and the people who kept coming for sound bath experiences throughout that time.

Thank you!

Based in the heart of Ojai for over a decade now, Harmonic Earth’s council and supporters will build a harmonic temple from the ground up. In the meantime, cultivating each individual inner harmonic temple is the practice of our offerings.

We offer transformational sound healing experiences and teachings including:

Gong Meditation           Weddings           Passage Ceremonies           Sound Healing Training           Sound Healing Performance            Solstice/Equinox Gatherings           Qi Gong and Tai Chi           Massage Therapy           Ritual Arts           Breathwork

Wherever you are is the entry point. – Kabir

Sacred space engenders experiences of wholeness.

Our intention in creating sacred space is to cultivate a direct and felt experience of your inner medicine, that fountain of life that flows within you and structures your embodiment experiences. Your original self is intact and the unfoldment of that perfection is your heritage. You deserve to feel your fullness, your wholeness, your love.  As your nervous system regulates in the space of calm resonance, your wholeness awakens in your conscious awareness.

 Relax into your wholeness. Cultivate the Harmonic Earth.