Gong Meditation Sound Bath – An Experience of Timelessness and Awakening

Hundreds of gong meditations performed and the experience keeps deepening swiss panerai replica paypal!

“Alarra’s Gong Meditations,
I attend them as often as I can.
It is an exquisite, ineffable experience inside the infinite, ever expansive interior Universe, a profound journey of sound and vibration
that touches the Heart, expands the mind and enlivens the Experience of one’s own consciousness in the Here and Now!

I’m going.”

“I highly suggest for an incredible evening go to Healing In America on the last Monday of the month and listen to Alarra and her sound journey meditation.
I floated. I dreamt. I journeyed. I processed. I arrived.
I thank you Alarra for your wisdom, your grace, and your enormous talent.”  
                   ~Robin celinereplica.re

The sound of the gong takes you into an enhanced awareness of your wholeness—the unique and exquisite intricacy of your sacred architecture. We hone our intentions to cultivate and illuminate the richness and beauty of our life experiences. The gong meditation journey with Alarra Saress, founder of Harmonic Earth, is available in Ojai or at your personal space. Email for bookings: alarra@harmonicearth.org